The Library of Things

The Library of Things at the Warrenton Community Library is a service that offers things for patrons to checkout – from guitars to games to an instant pot.

The collection supports lifelong learning and creativity by providing the physical tools necessary to explore new areas of interest and learn new skills. 
The Warrenton Community Library has always been a place where you can come to learn anything you are curious about – now we are offering you the tools to satisfy and encourage that curiosity.
Want to make a purchase suggestion, donate a gently used thing, or volunteer to help? 
Get in touch! Call us at 503-861-8156 or send an email to


How to Use the Library of Things

All items check out for one week and are both holdable and renewable. A $5 cleaning fee will be applied for any Thing that is returned dirty. 

Replacement costs may apply if a Thing is returned broken or with missing parts.

 Items available for checkout through the library of things include:

3 STEM kits for kids
Several board games


Electric Violin with small amp
2 Acoustic Guitars
Electric Bass Guitar
Instant Pot